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It’s Been In You All the Time!

I remember listening to motivational speaker and transformation coach Garrain Jones talk about his life on Tom Bilyeu YouTube Channel, Impact Theory. (You owe it to yourself to watch Impact Theory). The most impactful information I took away that day was, “The power we seek is already inside of us.” I know this sounds too easy and too cliché. But if you haven’t studied this theory, you really can’t reject it, can you? How can you know what you don’t know?

I consider myself a life-long student because I love learning. However, my greatest accomplishments in my development did not come from formal academic learning. The most invaluable information came from thought leaders who showed me how to rewire my mindset to create the life I longed for.

I am here today to let you know that you, too, can rewire your mindset. All of the tangible and intangible things you may desire are within your reach. The magnificent discovery waiting for you when you undertake the challenge to change is that, “It’s been in you all the time.”

I can’t explain the wonderful feeling I get when I achieve a goal, be it long-term or short-term. I now know that my mindset can produce exactly what I am looking for in my life. I now know that I get to control every aspect of my life through my inner thoughts and beliefs. The love I sought, I had it all the time. The career I wanted, I had it all the time. The peace I sought was in me all the time. Satisfaction with myself rested inside of me all the time. I get to decide how my story will end. The old cliché, “If you change your mindset, you can change your life,” is so simple but very much true.

One of the most disappointing experiences for me is when people want to judge me based on my past. I reject the idea when they say, “I know you Gwen.” If you haven’t been a part of my social circle in the last 10 years then you don’t know me. You are referencing a person that no longer exists, and it is important that you get to know me now.

If you want to start walking toward a better life, I have included a few pointers to help you get started:

  1. You can’t change what you aren’t aware of.

  2. Whatever happens in your environment represents your level of consciousness.

  3. There is an entire world that we literally know nothing about.

  4. Fear Based – Insecurity Based – is a language that many people understand. The language of the belief system is the language people will speak the most. This can limit or propel your life.

  5. Health, mind, and spirit have to be activated everyday. Your brain does not.

  6. Learn to love every aspect of yourself.

  7. Never give anyone permission to change who you are.

  8. We aren’t created to be keepers. We are created to be givers. Release resentment. Release hate. Release depression.

  9. Understand what surface level thinking is. Once you stop tending the garden, the weeds grow back.

  10. Realize that your PURPOSE is not out there. It is inside of you. It’s Been You All The Time!

Be well, my friends,

Gwendolyn D. Clemons, MBA, MSM, PRC

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