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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

“Life is a Fight for Territory”

I can remember when there were days when I wanted to turn and walk away from my businesses but that would mean I gave up. Giving up is not an option when you’ve invested so much of your time and money on yourself! So, for the last five years I’ve betted on myself by investing in myself.

For the last 20 + years I’ve worked for the local government and by my calculation I’ve invested over 46,080 hours of my life into a system that was never created for me to thrive in. At what point and time do you “reclaim your time” and invest the same level of commitment into building your own? When you take a chance on you, you’re taking a chance on God because we were all created in God’s image and God is inside of us.

Although you may not have a close relationship to God or always do the right things, God is still inside of you. The good that you see in you, that’s God. When you care about somebody, that’s God. When you feel sympathy for somebody, that’s God. When you help somebody, that’s God. Everybody on this earth has a piece of God in them. Everybody. The cool thing about God is he gave us all a gift and didn’t hide it from us to find.

Many people reading this article will never execute the advice I just shared because they have too many toxic energy draining people in their lives. It’s important to know that making an investment in you means clearing yourself from these types of relationships and connecting with mentors.

Muhammad Ali once said “I’m the greatest but he never won a boxing title without his trainer Angelo Dundee. Michael Jordan arguably the G.O.A. T. never won a championship without Coach Phil Jackson. It’s important to have someone who can see in you what you can’t see, that can take you to a place within yourself that you can’t go by yourself. That’s the ultimate

investment you can ever make in yourself.

You have to refuse to accept the limitations placed on you by others! We live in a dominate culture that is designed to destroy your sense of self and belief in self. We must stop living in false agreement with the notions of who “THEY” said you are. You get to decide if you are going to invest in living a life by design or continue to live a life by default.

Your Move!

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