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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do or can't have. As the famous TUV slogan goes, #IAmUnleashed to inspire, to achieve, to rise above mediocrity, to help others, and to LIVE! See you at the top because it’s crowded at the bottom!

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “Unleashed” as: TO ALLOW OR CAUSE SOMETHING POWERFUL TO HAPPEN SUDDENLY.

I remember standing in one of my many groups speaking to my clients about applying life skills to their lives to achieve the results they were seeking. I was intimately sharing my struggles and being very transparent about my determination to turn my life around. Suddenly, one of my clients raised his hands and asked, “Mrs. Clemons what made you change?” I answered without hesitation or reservation “My Pain, My Pain Made Me Change!” At that moment I had an intuitive grasp of reality through this simple slogan. The realization that the reason I had changed so much was because I was tired of living in pain has now become the slogan for our new apparel line!

This client session happened in 2017; initially I posted this quote as an affirmation on a wall in my home with the hundreds of others my wife and I have written. Day after day I would read the many notes on our wall but it was something about “My Pain Made Me Change.”

Fortunately for me I understand the power of faith & prayer and acting on the many visions God provides for my life. I practice turning off the negative chatter so I can allow the positive chatter to serve its highest purpose to elevate me.

Our business slogan had been sitting in my face for the last five years. What was once a wall of inspiration has now become a slogan of “we believe affirmations are meant to be worn.” The collection of affirmations has now jumped from our home onto apparel wear. We are in theory “Unleashing” the power of thought and intention that has served us to offer healing to others.

Aside from building a multi-level business, we are using our passion to develop our gifts to share our purpose with the world. As a minority owned business in Memphis, TN it is important to show the disenfranchised that they can make it. I believe we sometimes allow the ways of the impossible to highjack our purpose. If you can learn to imagine the “possibilities” and act upon your visions. You will begin to witness the power of being “Unleashed!”

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