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Meet Gwen

Transformation Coach, Entrepreneur, Published Writer, Talk Show Host and Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster


Gwen is a sought after motivational speaker, serial entrepreneur, media personality and spiritual healer.  Gwen defeated the circumstances she was born into by overcoming insurmountable odds. She was born and raised in 38126, the poorest zip code in Memphis, TN.  

The statistical data for an African American's living in 38126, an area affectionally known as South Memphis; indicated that she would be a high school dropout, addicted to intoxicants, in jail, or dead. *

Her early years of being exposed to the struggles of her family which was filled with domestic violence, alcohol abuse, drug usage, emotional negligent, and mental health issues; created a dark period in her life.  The generational cycle of being a product of her environment was all but certain that she would follow.  

As fate would have it Gwen met an older lady who mentored her and provided an avenue for her personal development which changed the trajectory of her life. It was in this period where it became clear that there was a brighter side to life. What was once her source of pain has now become the source of her inspiration.  It all boiled down to a decision to reject the narrative she was born into by accepting the help offered to her. This decision practically saved her life.

Gwen now uses her intellectual knowledge, 25+ years experience a as Behavioral Specialist, Life Skill Certifications, educational background, and life experiences to reach back and offer a hand to those determined to find a way out.  The concept of "Unleash Your Vision" was birthed from the years of her studies, practices, and universal principles that change the trajectory of her life. She now has assumed the of role "that lady" and is now a mentor to others. She understands that its her life's purpose to extend a hand for other's struggling and lost in translation. 



"What if I fall? Oh darling but what if you fly!" 


Gwendolyn Clemons, MBA, MSM Behavioral Specialist

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