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Welcome to The Coaching with Gwen Life Transformation Services.

Created Specifically To Heal the Total Person! 

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Meet Gwen Clemons, MBA, MSM 

Serial Entrepreneur, Celebrity Influencer, Professional Recovery Coach, Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Change Agent, Radio Show Host, Media Publisher, Keynote Speaker, & Social Advocate.

Gwendolyn brings 25+ years of professional development coupled with lived experiences and an extensive educational background to provide the necessary skillset for clients. 

She is a passionate coaching professional with an innate drive to connect with people through her gifts. Gwendolyn has made it her mission to make her transformation services accessible, instead of arduous and restrictive. 

 Gwen's Blog

As a Transformation Coach, Gwendolyn uses her platform and unique experience to bring honest and engaging conversations to her clients. Inspired by breaking down the boundaries between ones paradigm's, she takes their challenges head on through her blogs. Language is integral to her work were transformation is often achieved through the written word. 

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Phenomenal doesn’t even begin to describe my experience with Gwen as a coach! She was knowledgeable, kind, professional, and most of all, encouraging. Her insight and proficiency helped me to launch my magazine and brand it properly. Gwen’s extensive expertise granted me the opportunity to learn and grow as an aspiring editor and publisher. She not only provided the nuts and bolts with her coaching but insider tips as well. With her in-depth mastery and direct manner, Gwen helped me take my vision from a dream to a reality!

Cassandra James-Weatherby 

Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Melanated Queen Quarterly Magazine


Gwen Clemons is an amazing teacher and consultant in media, business, and life. She is an extraordinary force that will push and challenge you in areas where you feel that you will need some guidance or direction. Gwen will help you learn how to navigate through the clutter of your mind and the voices of others, so you can learn how to listen to yourself and understand what you genuinely want out of life and a career. When you first consult with Gwen, she listens and only asks questions when she needs more clarity and understanding. She will then ask you questions that will make you think, helping you to become more honest with yourself about what you want to achieve. After working with Gwen, you walk away confident about your goal, an understanding of how to achieve it, and a forever relationship with someone who wants to see you win.

Nigel Ashford
Creator, Producer, & Host of OUTSpoken an online TV/Talk Show

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Do you have a Coach? If not, I suggest you invest in a good Coach that will always encourage you, mentor to you and CUT YOUR LEARNING CURVE.  I have worked with Gwen Clemons in many aspects of my personal and professional life. She has added valuable teaching to help me see and navigate my life & businesses much easier.  Gwen is my accountability Coach and always provide value to me on how I can improve in areas of my personal and professional life. 

I trust her guidance and the random life nuggets she drops. 

Angel Lovelace

Owner of The Truckers Assistance 


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